It has been now almost a year. The changes are becoming impossible to hide. Let’s be honest, calling these tits ‘manboobs’ makes no sense. You’ve got big bouncy boobies, and you are about to be congratulated by your master for sending him another picture. This time in a fitting room! It has been surprisingly easy to hide them so far. Very few people pay attention to awkward young men like you. You hide very easily from the public, and no-one thinks twice about someone like you wearing baggy and ill-fitting clothes. Maybe if someone hugged you, then they’d feel how secretly buxom you are. But you don’t get a lot of hugs. The thought of being intimate with somebody, well it is strange to think about. You’re still a virgin, and you think almost everyone knows that. Maybe some think you are gay, or just an asexual geek. But whatever you are, the thought of talking to girls makes you blush. You don’t like boys, either. You don’t get butterflies in your tummy every time you think about them. You don’t want to think of that handsome neighbour boy taking your virginity on a summer night in the garden. No, boys aren’t cute. But Master on the other hand, He was confident, manly and dominant. Everything you are not. The thought of pleasing him felt good on several levels. It was like giving yourself a taste of who you could have been if you were stronger. But he also made you feel good about being weak and submissive. Because he liked you that way and wanted to keep you. The only problem was that he liked girls. You heard a knock on the fitting room door. “Miss are you okay? You’ve been in there for a long time,” a concerned voice asked. “Need assistance?” You came in wearing boy’s clothes. They think you’re a woman?

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