Becoming a Princess for a Job !!

Oh, Gosh! Does this mean that I can be a man again?” Carey shrieked in a distinctly feminine voice.”I can wear trousers again? Can I cut my hair?” Several more unintelligible shrieks came out of ‘his’ mouth. For the past four years, Carey has been slipping further and further into total feminity. The relentless feminization has completely changed him, made his once boyish into the kind of figure any princess would be jealous of. And all of this for a job. It was what the contract demanded.Well, yes… ” I began.I was supposed to be Carey’s roommate, but I’ve also become like his guardian reading all the papers he’s supposed to sign.The contract you signed before lasted for four years. If you’re gonna stay working at the amusement park, you’ll need to sign another contract.”Carey had been unemployed for the longest time, but I talk with a few contacts I had and managed to get him a job at the nearby amusement park. Don’t ask me how he ended up playing one of the park’s princesses, becouse that wasn’t my decision. But the park has its own fake royal family and guess they just needed another princess to make tours around the park, talk with the visitors and take pictures with the young girls. Though Carey was reluctant at first, he proved to be a good actor. After some adjustments, he’s now the most sincere and perky princess at the park.I can’t work at the park any more if I don’t sign the contract? Carey asked. He sounded impossibly innocent and girly. “Don’t they want me any more?” They do want you, “Isaid. “That’s why they want you to sign a new contract. This one is for eight years.Eight years of being a princess.I could see some distress in Carey’s head.

He was so excited to be able to be a man again, and he has always moaned about having to take hormones, learning to apply make-up and shaving his body. He never wanted to become this girly, but he loved his work. He loved the park.But…I like it there.I like talking to the kids, they’re so sweet and they love me!” Carey cried. “Can’t they like hire me to be, like, a prince instead? “The park doesn’t need any new prince, ” I said and shrugged. “And besides, I don’t think they’d want to hire you as a prince, now. If you wanna continue working at the park, you’re gonna have to be a princess… Until maybe in the future when they might make you the new queen.I saw Carey’s eyes open wide. He clearly just got as excited at the thought of being crowned queen as he got earlier when he thought he could be a man again. He let out a shrill but joyful shriek.Queen! Do you really think they’d make me the new queen?” Carey yelled. “But all the other girls wants that role, and they’re all gonna ask for it.Why would they pick me? I mean, you’re certainly the most dedicated actor at the park, ” I said. “They’ve seen the way you dress even outside of work. They know you live for this job and I can’t think of a better queen than you.” It was like as if Carey slowed down for a moment. Like as if the last remnant of manhood in his head collided with the sudden desire to become the park’s supposed regent. Then I saw his feet begin to tap up and down, and then his whole body began bouncing. He was like a girly volcano about to burst.I’m gonna be the best princess! he squealed. “Then I’ll be queen!”

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