In retrospect, Dr. Aaron Quinn should’ve known that it was a potential job hazard, but he’d never expected it to happen. Working in a highly classified but privately funded experimental laboratory, he was one of the top scientific minds in the lab until a catastrophic accident changed his life forever. The last thing he remembered was a loud noise followed by the impact of a powerful pressure wave that knocked him to the ground as his mind faded into darkness. When he awoke in the hospital, he was shocked to find himself in the body of his secretarial assistant, Miss Arianna Flynn. As he tried to reason with himself and determine just what had happened, it quickly became clear to him that no one else but he was aware of the supernatural body swap. Everyone addressed him as Arianna and everyone treated him like Arianna. He tried to explain who he was and reason with the medical staff, but they simply attributed his delirious ramblings to severe stress. To make matters worse, when he demanded to see his normal body, he was bluntly informed by the nurse that Dr. Quinn was missing and presumed dead. Stunned, he could only sit there in silence as his new body made its recovery. After giving the matter much thought, however, the new Arianna decided to embrace her new identity. The chances of changing back were next to nil and little good could come of trying to convince everyone of her true identity. At best, they’d believe her and study her like a lab rat or worse, call her crazy and throw her into an asylum. No, it would be best to carry on as Arianna. If everyone else thought that she was Arianna, then Arianna she would be. Besides, with her intellect and new assets combined, she had a dangerously powerful combination: beauty and brains. Two weeks later, Arianna was welcomed back to the lab and where she resumed her position as a secretarial assistant, though she was reassigned to another researcher. Putting up a façade of a shy and simpleminded secretary, it wasn’t long before her feminine charms had allowed her to ruthlessly slither her way to the top. Having sent three board members into early retirement and with the rest under her control, Arianna had effectively become the executive director of Arcanetech Labs in all except in name. But even that would soon change If she had her way, which she undoubtedly would. She would get on top of him, one way or another.

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