“I want to be beautiful,” Sam said to the genie once granted three wishes. “I am just an ugly, scrawny man,” Sam continued. “You must ask for all three wishes first before they are all granted,” the genie reminded. Sam leaned back against the wall of the cave where he found the lamp the genie was trapped in. He rubbed his pointed chin with his gnarled hand. “Okay, I want to be strong, too,” Sam said. “No problem,” the genie said, reminding, “One more wish.” “Hmmm. I will be strong and beautiful. What else do I want?” Sam thought as he looked up to the ceiling of the cave. Then it came to him. “I don’t want to be arrogant or rude like so many strong or beautiful people. As my final wish, I want to be kind.

” The genie smiled. “You choose well, my friend.” The genie lifted his hand over his head and pushed them forward towards Sam. In a bright flash and odorless water vapor smoke, Sam was transformed into the woman you see here. Sam looked down at his new body and said with surprise, “But I’m a woman!!” The genie nodded. “You and kind, too.” “But…,” Sam started to protest. The genie raised his hand for Sam to stop his protest. “I made you beautiful, strong and kind. In you, I created the most beautiful, strong and kind person to ever live. Now live up to your wishes. Go forth as Keisha, into the world, spreading kindness and legs. With those looks, you can tame any man.”

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