When Judy came home she could hear her husband Barry in the kitchen busy doing the washing up. She frowned because he should have finished that by now. Then she noticed that the mirror by the front door had not been polished. Judy grimaced as she marched towards the kitchen. She threw open the door and found Barry with his hands in the sink. He was wearing a ridiculously frilly maid outfit and heels. Barry turned around and by the look on Judy’s face he could tell immediately that she wasn’t happy.”Hello Dear,” he tried but Judy cut him short. “You’ve been slacking off again haven’t you?” she shouted. “You are only just now doing the washing up from this morning. What kind of a lazy maid are you?” Barry fell silent. It was true, he had watched a sports program during the afternoon. “Do I have to remind you that if you don’t do as I say then I am going straight to my lawyer about that woman you have been seeing?” “No Judy, I don’t.”Ever since Judy had discovered his affair she had sought to make her husband feel some of the humiliation she felt at his cheating behavior. She searched the Internet for ideas and eventually decided that forced feminization of her husband into a sissy maid was ideal. “Then why hasn’t the housework been done?” “I’m sorry Judy, it won’t happen again.” “You don’t think you can get away that easily do you? Bend over that chair, you need to learn some respect.”

Barry couldn’t believe it. When Judy had insisted that he do the housework dressed as a maid he had been humiliated enough. When she had forced him to wear panties and a wig as well, it was worse, and when she kept calling him ‘her maid’ it seemed like things could not get worse. But now his wife wanted to spank his bottom. “Please Judy, this is going to far.” “Do it, now.” Barry had no choice. He pulled out the chair and bent over very much aware of how his short frilly skirt was now exposing his frilly panties. He also knew what was coming next and began to wince. Behind him Judy had to prevent herself from laughing at the site of her husband’s bottom in the frilly panties. As funny as he looked he still needed to be taught a lesson. She noticed a wooden spoon on the kitchen table. Perfect, she thought, picking it up.She found a comfortable position and then in one smooth motion pulled back her arm and then smacked Barry hard across his bottom with the spoon. *Whack* “Aaargh!” cried out Barry. “Hold still, or we’ll start all over again. Now count each stroke and tell me why you need to be punished.” “One. Because I am a lazy sissy maid.”*Whack* “Ouch! Two, because I am a lazy sissy maid.” Unfortunately for Barry he lost the count at eleven and Judy had to start all over again…

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