I told Kerry that she had nothing to worry about as I went off to my bachelor party. I promised to be monogamous. But things got out of hand and I let the stripper sleep with me. That was a mistake! I started to glow, and it felt like my body was changing endlessly! When at last it stopped and I caught my breath, I found that I was standing there in a white gown. My arms were so soft, and thin! My shoulders were so small! My hair had become long, and blonde too. This couldn’t be real. I looked like… a *bride*. I checked myself out, and discovered that I had waist, and a rounded butt. In front, I can’t feel my manhood anymore; its so flat there, with no bulge to be found in my… panties. Oh no! I’m not just dressed up like a bride, I *am* one! I’ve become a woman! I hear the organ music starting the bridal march. It is time. I’m about to be married off to a *man*! What am I going to do? I can’t go on like this, as a *woman*! Why did I ever cheat on Kerry? Now I’m stuck in a female body!!

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