“Please, Mr. Henderson…this…this isn’t fair” Morgan protested as Henderson blew softly into Morgan’s ear, causing Morgan to shudder as goose bumps rushed up and down Morgan’s body. Shhhh, baby”, Henderson leered, his rock solid arms wrapping around Morgan and caressing his skirted prey with roaming hands and preventing Morgan from escaping. “l like girlies like you. You are way more woman than a real woman, and you are so incredibly beautiful.” Morgan cursed his gullibility. Morgan started working at the Grand Imperial Hotel as an assistant and the hotel had a liberal gender identity workplace environment which let him work as a woman and allowed him to enjoy the feminine side he always wanted to live. The only employees who knew he was really male were Human Resources and the hotel management..like Henderson. The moment Morgan began working there, Henderson showed he had a penchant for feminine males like Morgan, and his attention toward Morgan became more and more overt. Wolf whistles grew into inappropriate hugging which became forced back rubs. A simple request to meet Morgan at an empty room to inspect the room conditions now turned out to be an ambush. “Doesn’t that feel good?” Henderson whispered softly as his fingers tickled the back of Morgan’s neck, forcing Morgan’s skin to tingle. “It is just so sexy how everyone at the hotel thinks you’re a real woman and treats you like a woman. You really do look wonderful in a skirt, Morgan.” I…am going… to tell Human Resources…about this” Morgan stammered helplessly, clenching his eyes closed as he felt the electricity of Henderson’s roving hands sliding his skirt up and caressing his silky legs. “You’ll..you’ll be fired…for this…Mr. Henderson…please…” “Go ahead, tell Human Resources”, Henderson cooed as he nuzzled Morgan’s neck, tickling Morgan’s sensitive skin. “I’ve been the chief manager at the Grand Imperial Hotel for ten years and no one is going to take your word over mine. If you complain, I will let your little secret out to all your coworkers, and you wouldn’t want that, would you, little lady?” Henderson released Morgan with a domineering smile, and as he turned to leave he gave Morgan a playful slap on Morgan’s rear. Sooner or later, you will surrender to me” he whispered into Morgan’s ear as he left the room. Morgan’s head was spinning. It was one thing to dress as a woman and enjoy working as a woman. Now he was being blackmailed into becoming a woman sexually harassed by a lewd supervisor.


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