It was finally happening: Arthur Bennett was starting High School. He had anticipated it the entire summer, and with plans to snag a hot new girlfriend, he had been anxiously planning what he was going to wear. He knew he had to make a great first impression if he wanted to get the attention of all the new girls he was going to meet. With nowhere else to turn, Arthur asked his fashionable older sister Tessa for help, hoping his generally mean spirited and vindictive sibling would understand his

Oh little bro, of course I’ll help you!

Whew, thanks Tessa, you’re the best!

No worries, I know we’ll find you the perfect outfit to get the ladies’ attention *smirk*

Arthur gulped and walked out of his class, making his way to the caf for lunch. He tried as hard as he could to lay low, but everywhere he went, girls and guys alike were staring at him. Arthur reflected on how easily Tessa and her friends had overtaken him that morning: their strength in numbers and his already feminine physique allowed them to easily take control of him. Instead of the manly, cool outfit he had imagined he would put on that day, he found himself being forced into girly panties, a lace bra, a short black skirt and a white top. As half the girls prepared his wig and slathered on layers of makeup, the other half were forcing him into black heels.

They forced him into a car, drove him to the school, and left him there, stranded in his girly getup. Apparently Tessa even went as far as to notify the school of a mis- take and that it was actually “Allison” Bennett that would be starting high school. With no other choice, Arthur had to pretend to be Allison and try not to draw too much attention to himself. As Arthur mentally kicked himself for misjudging his cruel sister, he was interrupted by a group of similarly dressed, stunningly gorgeous girls.

Omg, we LOVE your outfit girl! You should totally come have lunch with us!!!

Uh…. th-thanks! I’d … totally love that!

Ha-ha aw you’re so cute! Hey, after school tonight Jenny’s throwing a party, you should so totally come!

Yeah, there’s going to be TONS of cute boys there, and they’re just going to love a timid, sexy thing like you!!!


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