Art Lover !!

Jeff was a huge art lover. He loved paintings especially, and could spend hours simply standing there admiring them. He would go to exhibits and really try to lose himself in the artwork; trying to feel the artist’s feelings as if he were gazing into their very soul. Today, he’d found himself particularly attracted to a painting depicting a stunning young woman stood tall in an extravogant wedding dress. The painting seemed a little out of place in this Victorian exhibit, but nonetheless Jeff found himself unable to take his eyes off it. He stood there just gazing into her eyes… imagining the scene. He could feel the excitement of the big day… what was going through her mind as this was painted? Jeff allowed his surroundings to fade away as he zoned in on every detail. Jeff felt himself becoming hazy as he often did after he lost himself in a piece, but as he refocued his eyes something felt..different. He was still  gazing at the same beautiful painting but it seemed more real… wait, did she just move!? Jeff stared in disbelief as he slowly realised this beautiful woman was no longer a painting – she was his reflection! He slowly lifted his own arm and watched as she mirrored his movement- what the hell was going on? Jeff shook himself and focused on his surroundings. He was alone in the gallery, standing in front of a large mirror. He realised with horror that he could feel the dress that he was now wearing and especially noticed how it was constricting his chest. Then he saw something else that made his heart race with fear. There, in the reflection, he could see the frame where the painting once hung… but instead of a stunning blonde it now portrayed a Victorian version of himself! Jeff shuffled up to the painting and tried to lose himself in it again, desperately trying to switch back. But the painting was just so… uninspiring! Jeff found himself getting frustrated as he struggled to focus – how could he lose himself in something that lacked soul? Jeffs thoughts were disrupted by a voice, and his heels made a loud clicking sound as he wheeled around: “Excuse me… ma’am? The exhibit’s closed. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave…”

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