Appropriate Punishment for a Bully !!

C’mon, baby girl,” he said as he held my weak hand. “It is time we get you dressed. You gotta act like an adult today, sweetie.” I was once the toughest kid around. They called me a bully, but that would only begin to describe the person I was back then. Sure, I was just a school kid, but that didn’t stop me from being a horrendous little brute. I beat the hell out of so many scrawny and weak boys, I can hardly remember them all. I broke their glasses on the pavement, I took their money and I spat in their faces. Even the teachers were afraid of me, but what could they do? It was their responsibility to try and teach me, and they failed.”I think we can pick out a nice dress for you to wear,” he said as he lead me towards the closet. “Maybe we’ll pick one that lets you show a little cleavage huh? After all, if you’re going to be a big girl today, you might as well show off your ‘assets.’Hah, that’s actually quite funny, considering we’re going to the bank.I used to bully a kid named Richard. Tiny ‘Dick’ as I called him. Sure, he was a bit taller than me, but he was a total dork. And he was skinnier than a toothpick. So, I took extra delight in tormenting him, even making sure he didn’t feel safe at home. I must have seemed like a crazy stalker, the way I constantly lurked around his family’s small house. I noticed that in their backyard they had a pet rabbit sitting in a cage. Being the utter prick that I was, I stole their rabbit and released it in the forest. The rabbit never returned.”I think it was very nice of your grandparents to leave you such a nice inheritance,” he said. “Even though your parents has disowned you, your grandparents still thought of you.

But, although it may seem scary, just know that I will take care of it for you. That money will be safe in my hands, and a little girl like you won’t have to worry.I admit that I took it too far. Not just with the rabbit (although that was terrible,) but with everything that I did. I certainly did get my just punishment. My family disowned me after I spent two years in juvy. I never got an education, and without any support I ended up living in poverty. I had to settle with a job flipping burgers. And as I grew no taller than 5’3, you can just guess how low my self-esteem got. But then, a couple of years ago, I noticed Richard at the restaurant where I worked. He said hello.”What do you say to your Daddy after he’s been treating you so nice?” Richard asked me, as he kissed me on my forehead.Seeing him made me relive all of the mistakes that I had made, and I almost fell to the floor as I tried to apologise. Richard seemed to accept my apology, and he actually treated me like a friend. Being so starved for company, I desperately wanted him to like me. I followed him around like a puppy, and I did anything he told me to do. I didn’t realise that he was gathering material to blackmail me with. I did not realise that he had a greater plan going. But ever since that day I first called him Tiny Dick,” Richard had fantasized about emasculating me. Being the strong one, and making me feel like I had made him feel so many times.Richard was going to humiliate me further by officially marrying me and making me his bride.I had no choice but to go with it.Thinking about the wedding night brought shivers all over my body.

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