My girlfriend bought this brand-new car and I asked her one day if I could drive it. She looked at me and laughed, “you want to drive my car, my pink car?” So I answered, “Yeah, its a great car, just think of all that horsepower”
Danielle looked at me and said “ok I’ll let you drive my car on one condition. You let me pick out an appropriate outfit for you wear while driving my car and I II you can drive it anytime”
She told me what she had in mind and I said, “no thanks I’ll pass” But after a while I started to get the itch to drive and I eventually caved it to her condition.

Danielle took great pride in getting me ready to wear the outfit she had picked out for me. She had me sit in the tub with something that got rid of all my body hair. Then she had fun gluing breast forms to my chest and a blonde wig to my head. Next, came my fingers and toes being painted a nice bright pink. After that she helped get me dressed in with everything being you guessed it pink in color. The next hour seemed like a blur as she was putting all kinds of things on my face. After that, she placed a pair of heels in front of me and said, “step in, my pedals are set up for the driver to wear high heels.” As I was stumbling toward the door in these stilts, “wait you forgot something” and she handed me a purse.
This is picture Danielle took after my first time driving her car and after I got used to everything it was a lot of fun driving around. Danielle said she might let me take her car out to run errands, but I’m not really sure by what she meant by that.


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