When Jane arrived at the institute, she couldn’t help but be impressed with the grounds. Behind the imposing walls there were manicured gardens and gentle fountains. She had come to collect her fiancé Marvin who had finally agreed to attend an intensive anger management course to curb his frequent outbursts. They hadn’t announced their engagement yet, and her condition was that he attend the course. He was a good guy at heart, she thought, but he had a terrible temper. After she was buzzed through the entrance gates she walked towards the main building. Marvin had been gone for a whole month and she was keen to see how he had changed. She saw a young woman standing outside the building and went over to ask for directions to the reception area. “Hi Jane,” said the girl with a shy smile. “It’s me, Marvin. “Jane staggered back a couple of steps as she realized that the pretty young woman in front of her really was Marvin. He was wearing a sexy floral dress and actually seemed to have some cleavage. She gaped at his shapely legs and the girlish haircut he now had. Marvin grinned as she stood staring at him. “Marvin,” she gasped at last. “What happened to you?

“Well, they have some pretty intensive courses here and they showed me that what was causing my rage was all my male attributes. They suggested I try a more feminine approach, and well, one thing led to another. “But Marvin, what are you going to do? You can’t walk around like that!” Marvin gave an embarrassed look. “I don’t want to go back to being Marvin. I feel so much better like this and I am really looking forward to the rest of my life. Ever since I discovered femininity I have felt like a new person. Like a woman. “But what about our engagement? “Marvin just shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sorry. “Jane sighed. His heart was set on it, she could see that. She stepped forward and hugged him. “It’s okay, I understand.” As they walked to the car Marvin talked about the courses he had done, the hormone treatment he had started, the hours of practice, about how much he had learned. Before long they were chatting like two good friends. Jane had lost her fiancé but she had gained a new best friend.


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