Gambling addiction and the consequent debts destroyed Floyd’s marriage. The relationship was less than perfect before, but when Floyd tried to gamble his way out of debt he only dug in deeper. Before long the stain on his marriage was too much. His wife filed for divorce and had some unusual divorce settlement requests. Floyd was a nice guy to his wife when they met, but as the money problems grew so did Floyd’s anger issues. In counseling, it was mentioned that if Floyd were more feminine he would not lash out as he does now. In divorce, Floyd’s wife convinced the judge Floyd needed gender reassignment to protect her from his anger and stalking. Floyd fought the order at first. Then he saw the woman he would be transformed into and he was intrigued. And who knows? Maybe it will tame his temper and compulsive tendencies. Once the court order was executed Floyd’s name was changed to Polly. Floyd liked the way he looked and his anger was gone. Everything looked brighter and happier now that he was a woman. The divorce would be final in three days. Floyd now transformed into Polly, Floyd’s wife found a new attraction for her husband. She dropped the divorce as she fell deeply in love with her new, gentler husband. As Polly, Floyd’s wife found his demeanor intoxicating. And the best part: the government paid for the whole procedure since it was a court order. If Floyd would have known sooner he would have insisted his wife file for divorce years ago.

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