David walked thoughtfully down the street when suddenly an expensive limousine stopped next to him. The side window glided silently down and a man spoke to David. Hello, Mr. I’m going out tonight, but that’s no fun on my own. So I thought I would randomly pick someone and ask that person if he would spend the evening with me. No, do not worry, I have no sexual preferences for men, I’m completely straight. So, what do you say, are you coming? I can promise you that it will be an unforgettable experience for you. David stepped closer to the luxury car and looked at the young man. He seemed to be self-confident and swimming in money and he gave David a friendly smile. What the hell, he thought. This man will surely come to places that I will certainly never enter. So he agreed and waited for the door to open. Asthat happened, he noticed a strange glow in the man’s eyes and a moment later David felt his body begin to change. A few seconds later he had turned into a busty brunette wearing a lingerie and stockings and stared in confusion at the now smiling stranger. Sorry, I guess that I should have told you that with your consent you also gave me the opportunity to change your appearance according to my preferences. And now you look exactly like my companion for tonight should look like. Come on, Suzanne. Get in the car because I have reserved the best table in the city’s most expensive restaurant. What happens after dinner, I don’t know, because that is also up to you. But I’m sure that today l will be envied by every man because of you.

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