An Obvious Detraction !!

“What about this one? For the Post-Op column?” Jonathan posed, tossing the print of the transgendered girl onto the desk of his editor, Mr. Mayweather. There’s a twist, though.” “Twist?” Mr. Mayweather repeated, swiveling in his chair to view the photo his intern had offered. With a raised eyebrow he glanced over the black and white print, immediately impressed with the femininity of the new prospect. “What kind of twist?” Her agent told me that she was kidnapped outside of a bar in Detroit three years ago… and I guess they gave her a sex change operation against her will,” Jonathan explained, avoiding opinion in his tone with practiced ease.

“She started modelling under a new name to save up enough money to become a man again. Jesus,that’s..” Mr. Mayweather stalled , displaying a rare lapse of speech. It was a lot of things- startling, graphic- even fascinating. But above all else, risky. Tod risky for the fourth-most read magazine in the country. …Sir?” Jonathan reminded, waiting on the red or green light from his superior. “…Too much baggage,” Mr. Mayweather landed, snapping out of his imaginative daze. “Maybe she’ll get his intern knew better than to believe such an obvious detraction.

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