An Experiment turned into a Nightmare !!

What had begun as an intimate exploration of their relationship had turned into a bitter feud of slander for Sabrina and her boyfriend Jeff. When they had decided to switch their physical selves at Shift Laboratories several weeks ago, it was supposed to be a test of their committment to each other- but after several hurtful exchanges over who and what they expected each other to be like, they were doing everything they could to damage the image of the other. Jeff, a body builder, had lost all credibility in his gym after Sabrina had decided to change his steroid-based diet and move his routines from weights to gymnastics. To strike back, Jeff had begun to tramp-up her paralegal career, presenting herself as a slut in all of her court appearances.

Neither knew how far the other would take it- which was why Sabrina had the idea to never return to her ruined reputation. Right before a court proceeding, Jeff received a call from Sabrina, explaining to him how she could never return to her job that he had destroyed. “You did this to yourself,” she said, “and frankly, I’m pretty content with the way things are now. My job was shitty before- and you’ve only made it worse for me. I think I’ll let you reap what you’ve sewn.” And with that, she was gone. “Sabr- Jeff? Jeff??” Jeff called in the presence of his new boss, but Sabrina had hung up. A panic began to wash over Jeff as he considered being stuck in Sabrina’s body forever, trapped in her life that he had ruined.

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