Always Wanted a Daughter !!

It was true that Carol had always wanted a girl, particularly because all she had was her bratty son Eric. He was planning on going to the police academy as soon as he turned 18, but she still preferred to be an empty-nester with a daughter, not a son who completely ignored her. Then she discovered Cutting Edge. It was some kind of private contracting firm that performed full-body alterations via willing applicants or staged kidnappings. Carol thought the concept was unbelievable… yet enticing. They could provide her with a’daughter’ of her own- and do it as an “unfortunate turn of events” with no liability back to her! With a shaking hand, Carol picked up the phone. One week later, while Carol was out of the house, Eric was kidnapped right on schedule.

Cutting Edge manufactured the ransom notes, Carol called the police, the whole routine went exactly as planned. And then, two weeks later, Carol’s son was “miraculously” returned to her- except to her “shock”, his captors had done unspeakable things to him. Frightened and distraught, Erica was glad to be home, even though her merciless “kidnappers” had surgically transformed his body into that of a female’s. She still wanted to go to the police academy however, even though she now had to come to terms with living her life as a woman. “The motive for Eric’s kidnappers remain unclear,” one local newscaster summarized. “But one thing is for sure- she has a very happy mother.”


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