Alternative Sentence !!

Jeremy began to weep as he sat on the floor in his skirt and heels, surrounded by the papers that had fallen out of his briefcase. In the last several weeks his life had turned into a nightmare, and apparently it was still capable of getting worse. He knew it was wrong to embezzle money from his firm. He knew what the legal ramifications were if he were ever caught. He just never thought he would be. But that call into his bosses office would prove him wrong- and inform him of just how bad things were going to be. The size and nature of his theft warranted as much as 20 years in prison.

A sentence Jeremy was willing to do anything to avoid- and it just so happened that his employer was willing to enforce an alternative: to be his personal secretary for the rest of his tenure- as a woman. Some sick fetish? Jeremy didn’t know. But it had to be better than prison, right? He reluctantly agreed to it all: a full-time position as Jaina, to do whatever was requested of him- else he be sentenced to the full length of his imprisonment. His was now officially his boss’s bitch- literally. But after the forced injections and recent horrifying breast implants, Jaina realized his mistake- but it was all too late. And now, after tripping in his damn heels, his reports were all out of order and his ass ached in pain. He really was in prison-just a female version of it.


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