Alter Ego

Mike happily posed whilst his girlfriend took a picture, eager to show off his newfound alter-ego. As far as he was aware, he was standing outside the private cottage that his girlfriend had booked for the weekend. He was expecting to spend the next couple of days experimenting as Michelle to see if he’d like to become her on a regular basis.
Little did he know that his secret was about to be shared with more people than just his girlfriend. Inside was his entire university tutor group, all waiting for their first chance to meet Michelle! His girlfriend planned to use the pictures she already had to blackmail him into doing all her university work for her. She also wanted him dressed like this permanently – she’d already decided she liked Michelle far more than Mike.
Even if he knew the truth it was already too late. As Mike pushed open the door his smile quickly faded as he was greeted with dozens of flashing cameras. It looked like the experimenting was over – he would be known as Michelle from now on, whether he liked it or not.

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