Please welcome to the stage our next storyteller, the lovely Christina!’ the female competition host announced to the small but excited crowd. Upon hearing the name of his alter-ego for the night, Chris nervously stepped ahead of the other contestants trying desperately to maintain his composure. His smooth knees knocked together beneath the ruffles of his white prom dress that he was wearing for the first time. Actually, tonight was a big night of firsts, not only was it the first time Chris had worn a dress or waxed his legs, but it was also the first time he had worn heels, or makeup, or his hair in the excruciatingly feminine style it now sat in. You see Chris was not a crossdresser…he was a TG captioner. When Chris had received the invitation to the caption contest on his blogger he had ruled it out completely. It was not one of the regular online contests that he entered often but a special live reading one where captioners were invited to read a caption they had written to an audience of TG fans while in character. However, his resolve was quickly broken when he saw that the prize was a whopping $1k. Not only could he really use that money, but he had complete faith in his own creativity and writing ability.

All he had to do was keep it together on stage dressed as one of the pathetic sissies that he enjoyed tormenting in his stories. Now onstage and shivering in his white satin panties, Chris began to recite his story of a high school student forced to take his sister’s place in a ballet production after she twisted an ankle. When the ordeal was finally over, he sauntered back towards the rest of the competitors at the back of the stage. Give it up for Christina!” the host called to some polite applause. ‘Now before we announce the winner, I have a TG story of my own that I would like to tell. It’s actually a true story! Several weeks ago, I was browsing the internet, as you do, and I came across a TG captioning site. By sheer coincidence, reading the profile section, I realized that it was owned by a guy from my high school, a guy who in three years had never even noticed me, let alone said anything to me. With the help of my friends I managed to set up a fake live TG story competition and invited him to it with promises of crazy prizes, Then all I had to do was to get some of my girlfriends to dress like guys in drag and make him feel like he was taking part in a real competition. Hey Christina.. do you feel like a winner?

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