Alter Ego !!

As Marvin stepped out of the hotel room he noticed two of the staff in the corridor. He smiled to himself, enjoying the thrill of the moment. Fully feminized he looked like a sexy young blonde and he intended to make the most of it.Once a month Marvin checked into a hotel for a weekend so that he could spend time as his alter ego, Marsha, the sexy blonde vixen that no man could resist leering at.For tonight he had chosen black lace lingerie, sheer stockings, and nothing more than an overcoat. He loved the sensation of the coat against the delicate lingerie and the thrill of walking down a busy street with just the coat over his underwear.As soon as he saw the two porters coming towards him along the corridor he felt his heart race.

He could never resist an opportunity to tease and his hands and body seemed to have a mind of their own. He reached down and pulled up the hem of the coat pretending to adjust his stockings but giving the two men a good view his shapely leg.He heard their conversation trail off as they passed, felt the tension in their stride and laughed to himself at the way they stopped further down the corridor waiting to see what would happen next.Marvin let go of the coat and strode down the corridor swinging his hips as he went. He could feel their eyes latched on to his tush and he smiled to himself. It was good to be a girl…

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