After a shitty day at work, Andrew just wanted to come home sit on the couch, drink his Bourbon, smoke a cigar, and have Christy (his girlfriend of 3 years) make love to him. When he opened the apartment door, all the lights were out – ‘Crap! It’s Thursday night; she’s out with her friends tonight’ he thought to himself. When he turned on the lights he saw a big old mess in the living room. Their soon to be ex-dog had knocked over the humidor and had eaten $300 worth of cigars, then took a dump on the couch. Walking into the kitchen, he opened the liquor cabinet no Bourbon! Christy did not go to the store like she said she would. “What a fucking nice day I’m having” he uttered. With no booze and no smokes, he needed something to take the edge off. He then thought of using Christy’s bubble bath – he hadn’t taken a bubble bath since he was ten but Christy takes one every night.

Although she gave him strict instructions to NEVER EVER touch her bubble bath because it costs $565 per twenty ounces; surely she won’t miss one ounce as he drew the bath water. He undressed and slid into tub filled with suds. The warm soapy water felt good; so good in fact, the saw he was losing some weight. He sensed his manhood was twitching but it felt so good, he let it be. Soon the aroma of vanilla, eucalyptus oil, and jasmine sent him into a deep sleep. Natural C-cup breasts formed, with a flattened tummy. The body hair on his arms, legs, chest, genitals and butt just vanished; while the hair in his head grew 18 inches. Christy came home and found Andrew unconscious laying in the tub. She almost hated to wake him. Her secret was out, she was actually born Christopher but he found this bubble bath by accident three years ago. After taking a bath with this enchanted soap, the effects would last 27 hours; that is why she takes a bath every day.

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