I thought for a while about what Jeff had said before he left last night, that I was addicted to the bodysuit. I can’t say that I personally would call it that, it was simply a hobby that I enjoyed. And who wouldn’t? When I am Melissa people treat me better. They hold doors for me, carry my bags for me, they treat me like a lady should be treated. Does it help I am beautiful? Sure it does, but that doesn’t mean I am addicted to it. I can stop any time I want. Jeff was just upset that I turned him down on another date. He is as much to blame as anyone, the whole bodysuit idea was just a plan to get back at Jeff’s old girlfriend. Having her see Jeff on a date with a gorgeous redhead would really dig at her. How was I supposed to know I would enjoy being that redhead so much. Sure, I will admit that there days when I don’t take off the bodysuit. And yes I have been on a few dates with men as Melissa and maybe fooled around with a couple of them. But I never go all the way, just to third base, I mean, someone other than me should see my perfect boobs. I mean the suits boobs. I scoffed as I pulled up my skirt and hooked my bra. Jeff has no idea what he is talking about. Addicted, yeah right.


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