It had been a Christmas morning like no other. For as long as he could remember, Christmas had always been a disappointment for Chris; the well-intended presents just serving as a reminder that no one saw him for who he truly was. And to make things worse he’d sit there every year and watch as his sister unwrapped the sorts of presents, he’d always dreamed of. Today, though, something had been different from the moment he’d gone downstairs. When his mother asked him to open his first present her voice faltered slightly, and there was a nervous atmosphere as his whole family leaned in to watch. Intrigued, he grabbed for the nearest present – a small, soft parcel that he expected to be a t-shirt – and tore the paper off in one motion. Chris’ mouth went dry and his hands shook as he held up the skirt. Had he just unwrapped a SKIRT?!

He waited for his mum to intervene, to say it was actually intended for his sister, but everyone just sat motionless awaiting his reaction. And then he felt his eyes begin to water, and his sister raced over to embrace him. After a lot of crying and emotional discussion, Chris attacked the rest of his presents with a vigor he’d never had before. A pack of red tops, some bras and panties, there had even been a wig and a pair of heels. When all was unwrapped his sister grabbed him by the hand and took him upstairs, where she spent over two hours transforming him from head to toe. And now ‘Chrissy’ stood by the tree, grinning from ear to ear and twirling in her new clothes. She’d received all the things a girl could dream of – clothes, make-up, a new pair of shoes… but what she really had was the greatest present of all — acceptance.


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