Clive was the CEO of a huge fashion corporation, worth millions. And so almost every day he dealt with meetings with potential investors who want him to invest in their latest clothing or footwear. Most of the time he would decline the offers, not seeing any reason to invest, but today was different. A woman presented him with these white and black trainers. For some strange reason, Clive was strangely attracted to these men’s trainers and imminently took her offer, promoting and selling them in his shops. What Clive didn’t know was that the trainers were in fact possessed and came with a special power. He began to wear them himself, and he was completely oblivious to his change in psychical appearance. He began to shave all his body and facial hair, keeping his skin smooth and soft. Then came the hair styling. He had grown some kind of obsession with his hair, growing it long and dying it brown. He then experimented with makeup, caking himself up like a ready-made whore.

But it didn’t stop there as he began to wear women’s clothing more and more, from black dresses to high heels. He didn’t even wear the trainers anymore, he switched to high heels so he could show off his freshly painted toes. The media had assumed that he had come out as gay, which wasn’t a shock because he works in fashion. What they didn’t know was that he wasn’t gay, it was the possessed trainers that made him like this. That’s when Clive came up with the greatest idea ever. “We will add 6-inch heels to the trainers and continue to sell them to men. It’s a perfect idea!” And it was. Because every man who had already brought the trainers now craved for these high heel trainers as their minds had been changed too. Causing millions of men to turn into sissy drag queens who think they are women. And at the same time Clive makes millions from this idea. “Investing in those trainers sure was a good idea!” Clive thought to himself as he held a pair of the new high heeled trainers on their first day of sale, with a great big smile on his face.


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