This weekend was shaping up to be one of the better ones in recent memory. My parents were going out of town and my sister was hanging out with friends. The combination of those two events will allow me to do one of my new hobbies, dress up and wear some of my sister’s clothes. As the last member of the family left, I headed to my room to get ready. 1st step get rid of all my body hair; this also gave time to make sure everybody left before going any further. Next, I painted toes, I figured they’d be dry by the time I needed to put my heels on. Breast forms came next, followed by makeup, and wig. I looked through Morgan’s closet to find an outfit. I decided to go with a little pink dress, and I found a pair of heels to show off my legs. I decided to run around town.

I went to the mall, got a bite to eat, and anything else I could think of. After a while, I was ready to head back home. When I got back, I didn’t see Morgan’s car, so I figured I was safe to go back to the house. I walked into her room to put back the dress, but there was a slight problem. Morgan was there picking up some things from her room. It didn’t take her long to recognize her brother wearing her things.
Aaron, better yet Ashley you look really cute in that dress. I had my suspensions but never had any evidence, until now.
Before he could even say anything, Morgan said “I bet you want to keep this quiet. You come with me and if you can fool my friends into thinking you’re my cousin, then your secret is safe with me” (That is until I want to have my new sister/cousin hang out again.)

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