A Victim !!

Having just woken up James wasn’t sure what was going on. He was in a place that was foreign to him and everything felt wrong. As he analyzed his new surroundings he knew he wasn’t in his bedroom. His first thought was that he was in a room of an older woman’s. He was wearing a sexy lingerie with his hair tied in a small ponytail. He kept raising his hands and was attracted to the br**sts that lay upon his new chest. They felt so good to touch and yet so odd to be on his chest. He wasn’t sure what had happened to him But he knew he wasn’t in his male body anymore. He shuffled around and found a purse. Pulling the id out he saw the name Veronica Smith, female, 44″. He didn’t know how he was her but all he knew was that he had to adjust to it. He was just another victim of the great shift who had been sleeping.

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