Kenny was caught red-handed cheating by his girlfriend. She was furious and broke up with him. Kenny begged and begged asking for her forgiveness. He told her he would do anything to make things right. She refused that anything would make things better, but then an idea popped into her head. She came up with a list of things that he had to complete in a 24-hour period and if he did all these things, she would consider giving him a second chance.
The list included:
A trip to a salon for hair removal, a makeover, blonde hair extensions put into your hair, and have a manicure & pedicure. A trip to that specialty store and buy C cup breast forms have someone help you attach them to your chest. Go into a different store, buy the outfit that the salesperson recommends.

Then wear it out of the store. Enter a shoe store, buy a pair of 5-inch red heels and put them on. Each item on the list must have pictures and signed off by staff member. Once the list is completed call me. He desperately wanted Lauren to take him back, so he completed every item on the list and placed the call as he walked back toward her apartment.
She answered “Kendra I’m so glad you called; I take it you have completed the list? Kevin answered yes, without realizing what name she called him.
Meet me at the restaurant where we first met and we can talk. Lauren had no intentions of taking him back as a boyfriend but may have just gotten a new girlfriend to hang out with.

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