Henry mused on his current situation. It seemed like such a good idea on paper. Help out with the school fashion show and maybe see a few of the girls in their underwear. What he hadn’t however, been expecting was that the girls would deem him to be a suitable replacement for a fashionista who was unable to participate in the show. Without listening to his misgivings, the girls pounced. Stripping him down to his underwear the girls managed to pull a pair of lilac satin panties onto Henry. It was eerie. The fight went out of him as soon as that had happened. A matching bra was put on and modestly stuffed to create cleavage. Next came the corset and Henry grunted with pain as his waist was compressed into a dainty hourglass figure. Next came the purple floral dress which was so soft Henry couldn’t help but feel more relaxed about his situation. Though he was snapped back to reality as a silver belt was tightened around his already petite waist and clung lovingly, reinforcing his now feminine features.

Knowing he was too far in now; Henry allowed the girls to escort him to the makeup chair where the utmost of care was taken with his makeup. Henry laid back and allowed the girls to go to work, the makeup process proved to be deceptively soothing. The girls even went so far as to paint Henry’s nails as he lay back. Finally, the girls applied a blonde wig and styled it lovingly. Henry wouldn’t have admitted it, but he loved the gentle caress of his blonde locks on his shoulders. Stepping into a pair of blue shoes. The newly christened Henrietta sashayed down the runway of the school assembly hall. After the show Henry went to retrieve his bag and clothes only to find a note.
‘Dear Henrietta, well done for such a fantastic performance. We’d hate to see our work go to waste so we’ve decided to allow you to go home dressed as you are. Don’t worry about returning the outfit. You’ve earned that as a reward.’


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