Alan was unaware he was being watched. Alan strolled slowly through the park with the small suitcase in his hand. He found a secluded park and looked around. He was alone. He took a few moments to calm himself and the opened the suitcase. Behind him, on another park bench partially hidden by a bush sat his younger sister Laura and her friend Simone. They had watched Alan’s odd behavior and were curious as to what would happen next.”What on earth is he up to,” Simone asked.”I don’t know, but I think we are about to find out,” Laura replied. On the other, Alan quickly opened the suitcase and stripped off his sweatpants revealing perfectly smooth legs and panties. He puts on a cute pink dress and then quickly pulled on a blond wig. He sat down and started reading a book called “Being a Perfect Lady”.”Is he dressing as a woman?” gasped Simone. “I don’t believe what I am seeing,” Laura said. Getting changed for an evening at a tranny bar could be quite tricky for Alan.

As a crossdresser, he was still very much in the closet and he couldn’t leave home en femme for fear someone would see him. Instead, he would put on what he wanted and then hide it under the sweatpants and sweatshirt. Then when he found a quiet place out of sight he would quickly change putting the clothes in a suitcase and touching up his makeup. It was a risky thing to do but he had been using the method for nearly a year and it worked just fine. He smoothed out the wig and then took off his white thong sandals. From inside the case, he pulled out a pair of pink strapped high-heeled sandals and began to put them on. He was beginning to feel the rush of transforming into a sexy woman. On the bench behind him, the two girls were in fits of giggles. “Your brother is a crossdresser!” laughed Simone. “No wonder I keep losing panties in the laundry. That little Nancy boy must be taking them,” Laura said as she snapped a couple of pictures with her mobile phone. “Oh, this is going to be fun.”By now Alan’s transformation was nearly complete. He closed up the suitcase and got ready to leave. Just then his phone rang. It was his sister Laura. There was still no one around so he answered. “What do you want,” he growled impatiently.”Oh nothing much, I just wanted to say that I think pink is your color.”Laura said and burst into giggles. Alan spun around and finally saw the two girls behind him. They both waved, gave him a happy grin, then stood up and walked off laughing in the other direction without another word…

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