Justin and Mitchell were two of the most homophobic, disgusting boys Professor Bianca had ever had in any of her classes. Belligerent frat boys who spent the majority of the first week bashing the “homos” around campus and talking about how they were going to score with a bunch of blondes after taking this class, Professor Bianca decided that a special solution was in order. She decided to help the two boys find what they were looking for, setting up Justin with the cute blonde girly girl Missy and introducing Mitchell to the sultry blonde seductress named Jessi after about a month in class. The two boys were all over their partner in an instant, lusting after the beautiful blonde that they were locking lips with.

They kept overhearing the catcalls of “lesbians!” and “look who’s homo now” dispersed through the frat party, but Justin and Mitchell were too drunk and horny to pay much attention. Of course, they were also severely hypnotized and unaware that insults were directed at them! Yes, Professor Bianca had called favors and had a hypnotist convince “Missy” and “Jessi” to dress and act like slutty blonde lesbians who would flaunt their homosexuality wherever and whenever their lustful natures took the best of them (which was early and often). Professor Bianca was even willing to forgo the “oral” exams to pass the class, considering
how convincing Missy and Jessi were as the first lesbian couple in the college.

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