Allen’s stepmom Cindy was always bossing him around and treating him like a little child. Allen was somewhat of a bad seed, and with her being a successful lawyer, the two naturally never saw eye to eye. So when Allen found out he’d be living alone with his stepmom for a whole year while his dad went away for work, he was livid. He knew she would find some way to make his life a living hell, but he could have never realized how right he was…

The second Allen’s dad left, Cindy slapped a large manila folder down on the table: Inside were hundreds of forged documents that out-lined fake crimes Allen had “committed” over the years. With a sly grin, Cindy explained that, while she was in charge, Allen had to do exactly as she said, or she would release these documents and have him sent to jail for life.

This is Allen today: A perfect example of a prim, proper young lady. Cindy forced Allen to become “Alice”, wearing elegant, girly outfits every day and exuding absolute and complete femininity at all times. Every Sunday, Cindy invites her girlfriends over for afternoon tea, and forces “Alice” to join, modelling new girly attire each time.

Oh Alice darling, you look absolutely splendid today! Is it a special occasion, dear?

…Alice, Mrs. Jenkins asked you a question!

Thank you so much, Mrs. Jenkins, after tea today I’m going to the school dance!

Alice is sooo excited, isn’t that right? ‘glares*

*sigh*…Yes, mother, I hope my crush Troy Miller asks me to dance with him!


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