The anticipation was building for Katie. Tonight will be a special night tor her and her longtime boyfriend, Aaron. They have known each other since the first grade. They were friends at first; Katie was a different person throughout their school years, as Katie began life as a boy named Kevin. Since the fourth grade, Aaron had known about Kevin’s feminine ways. They were best friends all the way through high school. In their sophomore year, Kevin came out as a gay male. That didn’t change their friendship. Aaron went through a terrible breakup with another girl before they graduated from high school. A week later, Kevin told Aaron that he was becoming a girl, and changing his name to Kaitlyn, or Katie for short. As Katie became more feminine, Aaron began to see her in a new light. By the time she went to San Francisco for her gender reassignment surgery after her junior year of college, Katie and Aaron were very much in love.

Katie would become a social worker, working with transgender clients, while Aaron became an attorney specializing in estate and probate law. Shortly after Aaron graduated from law school and Katie was accepted into a doctoral program in psychology, he asked her to be his girl. That was three years ago. Katie does not know that Aaron has bought her an engagement ring, and plans to ask her to be his wife. This picture of Katie, taken by her sister, Kathy, a fashion photographer, before her date with Kevin. She’s in a black see-through blouse, white pants, black high heels, and jewelry Aaron gave her for her birthday. It is a beautiful event for two 28-year-olds.


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