Christmas is the most magical time of the year. It is more than just the holiday. Numerous gods and religions have claimed December 25th for their special holiday celebrations for a reason. Special things happen on December 25th. We give gifts because it feels right at this time of the year. But some gifts are received unexpectedly… as Terrance Martin discovered this year.

Terrance and his wife Monica were so excited to share their 10th Christmas together. They have a precious gift in their relationship. But because they are so close they will receive a gift today well beyond any gift they’ve received before.

After family celebrations, Terrance and Monica sat together to share personal gifts. Monica went first. She opened her neatly wrapped package. She carefully removed the bow and pealed the tape. She opened the box to find a skimpy red Christmas outfit. Monica looked at Terrance with a crooked grin. She told her husband he will really love his gift now.

The package was small, barely big enough to hold a ring or other jewelry. Terrance used his thumb to pop the tape holding the wrapping paper. A thin blue box covered in sparkles. He used his thumbnail to separate the cover from the bottom. He knew what it was the moment he saw it. The Jewel of Odan! “Where ever did you find it?” Terrance said in an airy voice. “Does it matter,” Monica smiled. Terrance shook his head.

Terrance held the Jewel of Odan on his left hand; Monica put her hand over Terrance’s. Terrance and Monica saw stars and then looked at each other. They switched bodies. Terrance looked at the gift he gave his wife and held the outfit in his hands. Now he had the crooked grin. He walked into the bedroom and closed the door. Moments later he stepped out in the red holiday lingerie. I’d tell you about the rest of the night, but we all know it was another long, enjoyable gift.

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