“Thanks for inviting me, Karen. I didn’t realize your daughter was 21! They grow up so fast.”

“Oh, Jo! This isn’t my daughter. This is my son, Sammy. Do you not remember me telling you about his habit a while back?”

“I think so, didn’t you mention something about him going through your things? But that was ages ago…”

“That’s right, it is ages ago. It’s actually 21 months ago since I caught Sammy going through my wardrobe. Which also means that it’s 21 months since Sammy started living as a girl.”

“What?! This is definitely the first time I’ve heard about this!”

“No, it isn’t! I show you pictures of Sammy every time I see you, to show you how beautiful he’s turned out.”

“I thought those pictures were of your daughter, Karen…”

“Oh no, silly! Well, I suppose they are pictures of my daughter now, but Sammy is more like an adopted daughter to me and Sam’s biological sister.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you never corrected me! It just goes to show that you did a good job on him. Or is it ‘her’ now?”

“Yes, it’s most definitely ‘her’. The reason we’re celebrating Sammy’s 21 months is that the doctor we’ve been seeing requires patients to have been living as a girl for 21 months before he’ll prescribe hormones, so it’s a big day for Sammy.”

“You mean she looks this pretty naturally?!”

“It’s amazing what diet and exercise can do for a young man, y’know. That and an excellent salon that I take Sammy to.”

“Well, let me say happy 21st to you, Sammy! Your mother is firm but fair, and I’m sure you’ll make a lovely young woman. Is it too early to take him shopping with us?”

“It’s never too early to take a sissy shopping, Jo!”


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