A Small Sacrifice !!

James felt a wave of relief sweep over him as he approached the entrance to Headquarters. His mission was a success, but it couldn’t have ended soon enough. James was a veteran field agent and infiltration specialist, so when the mission was passed down from command, he was the go-to choice. It was dangerous, but it was exactly the kind of task that would get him promoted for sure. The problem was that he had to become a woman for the job. He didn’t want the mission, but James had learned the hard way that when you pass on an opportunity to advance your career, you might not get another. He agreed to field the operartion, and was subsequently sent to the department’s nanosurgery clinic to begin the process.

Within days his transformation was complete, and despite the shock of having two large breasts and a pussy in place of his manhood, James was able to acclimate himself suffiently to commence the mission. For six days, James had to put up with shaving his legs, wearing high heels and sitting down to pee. It had made the very idea of womanhood very unappealing, and he couldn’t wait to get back to the clinic and put this all behind him. What Headquarters didn’t mention, however, was that there was no reverse process. They had needed an agent with his skill for the task, but they knew he would never take the job if he knew all the details. It was a small price to pay for the success of the mission. James would still be offered that promotion, but in a few minutes he was going to discover that no salary increase could get him back what he sacrificed for his job.

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