A Secretary’s Job !!

Because James’ mother Linda worked hard to own her own business, James never made any effort in high school, figuring that she would hire him as soon as he graduated. Linda had repeatedly told him that she wanted him to have a college degree to work at her firm, but James knew she would hire him anyway. Technically he was right. With his poor high school grades, James couldn’t get into any of the local colleges, so he applied to his mother’s firm as was his plan. But upon graduation, James wasn’t offered the position he thought his mother would provide for him. “You’re kidding me, right? A secretary?” James complained, but his mother ignored his grievances. “I said you should go to college, but you chose the easy path,” she lectured. “And it’s time to pay your dues. All my non-degree applicants start at the bottom, and that’s the secretary position.

And as all my secretaries are women, you’re going to have to fit in.” No! I’m not going to dress as a girl and answer the phone all day!” James refuted. “Oh really? Now that you’re out of school I’m moving into a condo- and you’re going to have to find your own place to live, which means you’re going to need a job. You can try to find one somewhere else, but with your education and this economy, I don’t like your odds.” In the end she was right-James couldn’t find work anywhere else, and with his own bills to pay, he found himself back at his mother’s firm, forced to work the job she gave him unil he could get promoted. “How long do I have to stay like this?”James moaned, shifting awkwardly in the skirt and heels he was required to dress in. “Normally my secretaries are in four-year positions… but I think you can do it in three! Now, get that memo book out, I have some notes for you to copy down.”

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