When Rob went into work that Saturday, he thought it would be the perfect time to dress up as Sarah. All the work he had to do was filing and other ‘secretary type’ work – so he thought it would be perfect – and the office was always deserted on Saturdays. He flip-flopped back and forth with the idea of bringing an emergency change of clothes with him just in case – but having never seen a soul in the office on the weekends in the past, he opted against it – thinking it was extra thrilling getting dressed at home and driving into work. At about 2:00pm however, he wished he hadn’t been so cocky – the door opened, and his partner Eddie walked in. Having seen his car in the parking lot – it was pretty obvious he was here. Rob dropped to the floor and tried to crawl out the back door to make his escape, not realizing that Eddie had already walked all the way around the office looking for him and was standing at the door.
‘Well, well, well* Eddie said ’Who do we have here?’

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