A Perfect Human Body !!

The technology was supposed to be a breakthrough. Life changing, some called it. I had no idea it would backfire this bad. I was a scientist developing an experimental formula that would perfect the human body. Enhanced strength and immune system, perfect vision and hearing, and a body that would make the gods envious. I thought I had all the bugs worked out. I thought this batch would be the one to skyrocket me into fame. I have never been so wrong in my life. I was so sure of myself that I tested the formula on myself. At first, the effects were promising. I no longer needed to wear my glasses and I felt rejuvenated; younger. Eventually, my dream became a nightmare as my clothes began to hang loose on my changing frame.

My entire body became more slender. In a panic, I ran a complete blood workup and discovered that the formula had re-written my genetic code into that of a woman, and my body was changing to adapt to my new gender. Each day I wake up I appear more feminine. I have been forced to by women’s pants to accommodate my new hips and rear and soon I started wearing a  bra for my budding breasts. When I took the formula, I was expecting to receive the perfect body, it never crossed my mind that I would have to become a woman to do so.

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