A Night that changed my Life Forever !!

It’s hard to believe that only six months ago I was still a normal man- I had a good job, a nice apartment, a girlfriend, everything. And then one night, while walking back to my car after leaving the gym, everything changed. I was m pushed up against my car and handcuffed, and a hood was put over my head. I begged the men to let me go, that I would give them whatever they wanted, but they didn’t even respond. Shortly after they knocked me out- and that was the last time I ever remember being my old self. I awoke some time later in a strange place- another country, I think, though I still don’t know where I am. They showed me what they had done to me. I was frightened and appalled at what I saw.

They had changed my face, feminized it somehow, and given me breast implants. They told me my name was Anika now, and that I was the property of my Master, a wealthy landowner. When I tried to ask them why they were doing this to me they hit me, and told me to never speak out again. I haven’t. Now I work as the Master’s door girl, greeting his guests and leading them to his office. I am under constant supervision and must adhere to very strict rules of dress and behavior. I just want to go home, try to undo what they have done to me. But I don’t know how I can ever leave this place. That was the whistle. My five-minute break is over. My feet are still killing me, but that has never gained me any sympathy. Nothing has.

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