A New World !!

Nathan wandered totally care-free down the beach letting his feet take him wherever his instincts told him to go. Unable to stop smiling, Nathan couldn’t think of a time when he’d been more at peace. He was so lucky that his girlfriend opened his eyes to the wonderful world of femininity… although come to think of it where was she? Having been stressed for weeks, earlier that morning Amelia had suggested they something a little ‘different for relaxation. She lit some candles and put on a soothing hypnosis tape and soon Nathan had drifted into a state of complete relaxation. With relaxation came suggestibility, though, and with her boyfriend so open to suggesüon Amelia couldn’t resist having a little fun. She allowed the tape to conünue running despite knowing it was aimed specifically at females, eager to see what would happen as it encouraged very feminine thoughts in her boyfriend.

Unaware of what was happening Nathan allowed the words of the tape to flow through his mind and the impact was remarkable. She laughed to herself as Nathan took on a completely feminine demeanor. It was then that she remembered the wig she had in her wardrobe, and when Nathan put up no resistance to that she moved onto make-up… it wasn’t long before he was stopped and letting her shave his body – this was tun! At that point, though, she’d had an urgent phone call. Eager to pick up where she left off, she switched off the tape and left Nathan in his trance tor when she got back. Nathan was barely aware of what was going on, but still, in his trance, the one thing he did know was that he wanted more of the tape.

After putting it back on it seemed the most natural thing in the world to continue where Amelia lett Ott. After getting fully shaven Nathan went through Amelia’s entire wardrobe trying on her skirts and dresses, all the while absorbing the words of the tape. He’d never felt so amazing, and when the tape mentioned ‘exploration’ he’d thrown on the prettiest swimsuit he could find and dashed out of the apartment and down to the beach. That all seemed so long ago now and thinking about it Nathan couldn’t even remember where their apartment was! He giggled to himself as he started to skip down the beach, ‘Amelia will come to find me,’ he thought to himself, ‘and until then I’m going to have some fun!’

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