A New Reality !!

Alan was browsing the net searching for new online games when he received an email. It was an invitation for beta tests of an upcoming game. Alan clicked the link and signed up. Then he was transported to something that looked like a character creation screen. Alan winced his face seeing there is only an option for a female character. He didn’t feel like making a girl so he was clicking the randomize button until he found a decent avatar. When he clicked ok he was kicked out back to the desktop, the game closed and his screen flashed. Alan tried to get it back but the email with the link was gone. Thinking it was probably a virus he launched his antivirus for a scan. Alan didn’t notice any changes until he got up from his chair. Long, curly hair fell down his shoulders which was weird since Alan was always keeping his hair very short. There was also this odd bounce on his chest like something was attached to it. When Alan looked down he saw two mounds pushing out his top. Peeking underneath his shirt he saw a pair of female breasts resting in the cups of a lace bra.

Inspecting his body further he noticed his slim, feminine figure and when he reached down for his crotch he found out that his manhood is gone. Confused and scared Alan looked around the room. It was his room but with some feminine touch. It was clear a girl was living in here. On his bed where normally he kept his backpack was now a leather purse. Alan looked inside and beside some female cosmetics, he found an ID and drivers license. The documents said Alice Jenkins and it had a picture of a girl. As he found out later in the mirror it was a picture of himself. Alan was beginning to understand what happened. The game or whatever it was altered the reality where Alan was a girl. It was only confirmed when he left his room and bumped into his mom. His mom didn’t find it weird that she has a daughter and acted like it was always like this. Alan went back to his room to clear his mind. It will take some time to get used to this new reality.


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