A New Purpose !!

Corey arched his spine and allowed his flowing red hair to fall all the way down to the small of his back. The soft locks lightly tickled him and he pushed his ass out against the black latex of his corset in delight. For the first time since this, all started he felt good. For the first time since this all started, he could think about the future. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach as he watched dozens of rubber- clad amazons organizing equipment to be loaded into the boats set to leave the small private harbor. Soon the island would see as dramatic a change as he and his friends, a total cosmetic overhaul and functioning…just as Corey along with Joel, Harry and Craig had been given new purpose by the leaders. With every injection in rippled more strongly beneath the surface, demanding, soon its will would conquer him like an irresistible addiction and he would be compelled to its bidding just as others had been compelled to change him into the voluptuous beauty he was today. There would be no conquering the urge…only channeling it. A familiar cramp gripped Corey’s loins and he rocked back and forth on the four-inch heels, coaxing out the pleasure that he knew was approaching. It was not something one got used to. With every shot came a new level of ecstasy and when Corey had seen Craig for the first time in months and watched with curiosity as his best friend writhed and trembled in all his rubber-clad glory, he realised what he was seeing was a reflection, a representation of what happened to him every time, every time…well you know. After talking to the leaders he knew now he had a purpose, they all did. Channeling the urge… It could be more than a craving for spreading unwanted femininity to more like him, it could be a force for good.


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