A New Job !!

Jared, a recent college graduate, was still swimming in debt and needed a job. As the months went on he continued to struggle at finding a job that fit his major, and was beginning to consider working anywhere just to pay the bills until he did. After a few weeks of searching, Jared found a position at a night club and decided to join. Upon entering the club, Jared was taken aback as the place was really more of a strip club than a night club, but money was money, and he didn’t plan on working there very long at any rate. When the manager finally came to the front to meet him, Jared could feel him sizing him up. But after a few moments, he nodded and invited Jared into his back office. Once there, he pulled out an application and had Jared take a seat.”Will this be for bartender, server or preformer?” the manager asked Confused at the last option, Jared paused for a moment.

“Server, I think,” he said. The manager looked him over for a few seconds and then nodded. “Yeah, I think you’ll be alright for that. I just need to ask you one question- can you work M-F?'” “Yeah, I think so,” Jared responded timidly. Perfect. Then I just need your signature and social security number here, and then you can go back and meet Tina- she’ll get you started.” Jared got up and headed into the other room to meet Tina, but as passed through her office doorway he felt a sharp sting in the back of is neck. The last thing he remembered was staring at the floor as she approached him, then nothing. Several months later, Jared (or Jenna, as she’s known at the club,) comes home late one Saturday, rubbing her ankles as she normally does after a night spent in heels. Now, Jared thoroughly reads even the most obscure contracts, and never fails to clarify ambiguous details. Unfortunately it was too late now to clarify what exactly ‘working M-F” meant, but at least that was a mistake she could only make once.

PC – AlixTg

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