Jennifer couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Last month his hair grew out to below his shoulders almost overnight, and then his face started looking more and more like a girl’s. Last week he developed a sore throat, and when it went away he could only talk in a girl’s voice. Yesterday, when he stepped out of the shower he discovered he now had a girl’s hourglass figure, and today he felt incredibly sleepy so he took a nap, and when he woke up he was shocked to discover he now had large, feminine breasts, “This is impossible! I can’t be turning into a girl!”, he insisted to himself, “and why do I keep thinking my name is now Jennifer?!? That’s a girl’s name! My name is really…I can’t remember my real name anymore! What’s happening to me?!?” Meanwhile, next door, Richard finished chanting the incantation listed in his spellbook. Richard had an incredible crush on his next-door neighbor Timmy, and in the next few days Timmy will wake up and discover the lovely gift between his legs Richard just gave him. Richard smiled; once he forces Timmy to drink his love potion, their romance can finally begin.

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