Karl’s wife, Alexis, wanted a more caring and tender significant other. Years of working as a lumberjack have left Karl’s skin scarred and twisted; his attitude sharp and raw. The sun baked his face into a stiff leather. Now, at age 40, his body is worn out from two decades of overwork. Even Karl had to admit his joints hurt all the time. Alexis snuggled up to her rugged man and asked him a favor. She asked him to start a new life with her as a woman, soft and warm. If it meant getting rid of all the aches and pains Karl was open to the idea. He wasn’t as sure about the woman part, but soft, normal skin would be nice. Alexis confessed to Karl she would rather be with a woman than a worn out man. Karl understood. A nano-shop opened in town last year. Karl knew what it was. So did Alexis. Alexis ordered the woman she wanted to spend the rest of her life with from the nano-shop.

Karl agreed to set an appointment at the nano-shop for a nice soak in one of their nanobot hot tubs. The next day Alexis drove Karl to the shop for his appointment. The nanobots were programmed and poured into the hot tub. Karl removed his clothes and stepped in slowly; his knees hurt too much to move faster. The nanobots went to work immediately. The water rose to a frothy boil. Karl felt all the pain in his body melt away. A short time later the water settled and Karl stepped out of the hot tub feeling better than he has in years. The pain was all gone! Alexis helped Karl dry off. She slipped panties and a chemise on him. The young woman working at the nano-shop prepared paperwork for him, changing his name and so forth. She asked Karl what name he wanted to assume. He had no idea. Alexis wanted him to take the name, Delilah. Karl was okay with that. Before they left the shop Alexis wanted a picture of Delilah for her scrapbook.

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