How could this have happened. One moment in bliss at the time to dress in his hidden stache of lingerie, Her best wig, make up, gloves, her highest killer heels. Dave was wandering the loft, looking at his slim body wearing only lingerie. Suddenly the key in the door, it opens, she hides in the coat closet next to the front door.
“Don’t worry Robert, he won’t be home for hours. It’s his day to work late at the office” He heard her wife say that to the unknown man and listened as they walked thru the loft to the bedroom.
Dave was afraid of discovery and went out into the hallway to think it over. What to do, where to go, Suddenly he realized that he was out in public. He tried the door, it was locked. OMG, he had never been out in public. What would happen when the neighbors come out and find Dave dressed as Diane waring only lingerie. Suddenly a door opened on the landing where Dave was standing. It was Ken, their gay neighbor. Ken noticed the scantily clad girl and as he studied her, lights went on. He smiled. He had always thought Dave was cute, and not Masculine like he was. Suddenly he realized why.

“Well hello sweetie, it looks like you might need a friend right now. Why don’t you come in and get out of the cold. You surely are not dressed for being out here in the hall”
Dave had no choice but to take the hand offered and enter the apartment Ken slipped his arm around the slim waist of the girl and pulled her close as he closed and locked the door.
“I think we are going to be very good friends. Come in and let’s have a drink. It looks like you could use a stiff one”
Diane shivered realzing that he would probably get more than one stiff one before the day was over.


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