“Okay, Jenna lets go through the plan one more time.” “Urgh, fine Martin. So wearing this bodysuit you will disguise yourself as a young attractive woman so you can get into the house party that Jerome is having. Then you will find the black briefcase that contains S1,000,000 dollars upstairs in his bedroom. After you have found that then you will return back to me and we will split the cash between us. Got it?” “Yeah, but why do I have to be this girl?” “Because dumb ass nobody will doubt you if you go in there as an attractive girl. So make sure you flirt with guys so they don’t get suspicious.” “Yeah but I don’t know how to act like a girl.” “Right! That’s why I’ll be controlling all your movements and speech from here using this remote, I’ll have 100% control over you. Now get in!” The bodysuit felt amazing to Martin. He could feel every sensation perfectly. It was as if he really was a woman and that thought frightened him a little. He disliked the sensitive womanhood and inferior but sexy body he now possessed. It made him feel vulnerable and weak. Especially the see-through dress. From the thick set of hair bobbing up and down with every step, to the small feet that pressed against the hot pavement, Martin could feel it all but not control it. Jenna made sure Martin was shaking his ass with every step to look like a bad bitch diva. Just to make sure he would get in the party.

“Whoa sexy mama, you lookin for a good time?” Jerome asked as he flirted with Martin. “Sure thing baby! Maybe later I could give you a good time!” Martin replied sexily as he licked his luscious lips. On the inside however, he was shocked at what Jenna had just made him say. He felt as if he was going to die from embarrassment. Martin had got in without a hitch, but instead of going upstairs, Martin uncontrollably sashayed into the back garden where it was full of hot women and big men. “Whoa, what is Jenna doing with that remote? I’m supposed to be going upstairs.” All of a sudden Martin unhooked his bra unwillingly and tossed it into the air as he made his way to the diving board of the pool. A few wolf whistles were heard from the left, right and center. What the fuck is going on?” He thought as he parked his cute little tushie onto the diving board, just hovering his feet above the water. On the outside, it seemed he was cool as ever, but on the inside, Martin was a wreck. His heart was beating faster than ever as he realized what Jenna was about to make him do. All Martin could think of was the warning message that came with the body suit. Contact with water will cause permanent binding to the user. If only Martin had realized there was no $1,000,000 briefcase. “This should teach him never to wear my clothes again the little pervert.


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