“I thought life would improve after graduating from college, but wow was I wrong! The first job I got didn’t pay nearly as much as I thought and no one else was responding to my applications! This turned into depression once student loan bills started piling in! Looking around online, I found this company called GenTech that was looking for men in their 20s to participate in a medical experiment. The compensation included, “Forgiveness of student loans, living package, and future education.” Who wouldn’t apply! I signed a bunch of paperwork without reading it and gave my parents the last consent form. Had no idea why they needed to sign it.

A few weeks later after entering their lab, I was asked to put on a hospital gown and entered into some type of MRI machine looking thing. My dad was freaking out especially when we found out that I had been transformed into a busty blonde teenage girl! A new birth certificate changed me from Scott to Kristi and I was now 18-years-old! Since then, I’ve learned to adapt. Turns out the forms I signed were for “permanent gender reas­signment.” I’ve learned to make the best of it by turning into a complete girly girl and even joining the cheer squad at my high school!”

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