A Medical Condition !!

“Oh, sweetie, you look like you’re about to cry. What’s wrong, honey? Don’t you like your new look? I think Jennie did a fabulous job on your hair and makeup. Why so glum?”

“Oh, Aunt Sue, I’ll be all right I guess. It’s just that I never pictured myself like this in a blue lingerie, long hair and a girlish figure. I always thought I’d grow up to play pro ball or something, but now look more like a freaking cheerleader.

“Oh, Kenny, I thought you’d been over all this with your mom. She told me she just didn’t see any other choice. Even Dr. Allen said she had never seen such a severe case of gynecomastia in her life.” This is a medical condition, there is nothing we can do here.

“Yeah, but I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just cut em off. Don’t they do that for women with breast cancer?

Well yes, they do, honey, but you heard what the doctor said. Even if your heart condition hadn’t made surgery so risky, your breasts would probably just grow back anyway.-at least until you’ve finished puberty. And you might as well face it, pumpkin. Those girls of yours are just too big to hide. And a teenage boy can’t very well go through life with a pair of double-D breasts, now can he?”

“I suppose not. But this doesn’t mean I have to date boys, does it? I’m not gay.”

“Don’t worry, baby. You may have been a little funny looking before, but I’m sure there are plenty of pretty girls out there who would just love to get their hands on you now.”


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